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Keep Swimming

Keep Swimming

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Real-Life Stories to Help You Navigate the Waves of Mental Health

In a world where mental health affects us all, this book serves as your beacon of hope, your guiding light through turbulent times.

Each page of "Keep Swimming" offers solace and support, a reminder that even when the waters are rough, you have the strength within to persevere. Through real-life stories and insightful lessons, you'll find inspiration to keep moving forward, one stroke at a time.

Inside, you'll discover the journey of Annaleise and the uplifting narratives of nine incredible humans who have learned to keep their heads above water amidst life's challenges.

Crafted with care, "Keep Swimming" is more than just a book. With calming ocean-themed photography from @mariepfisterer and encouraging illustrations by @tropicoolstudio, it invites you to dive into a world of resilience and hope.

Whether you choose the hardcover edition or opt for the convenient paperback, "Keep Swimming" is your companion, your refuge, your reminder to just keep swimming.

Product Specifications:

  • ISBN: 978-1-922764-98-0
  • Format: Hardcover, also available in Paperback
  • Premium Color Printing
  • 212 Pages
  • Dimensions: 229mm x 152mm
  • Design by @fancy.pants.adventures

Let "Keep Swimming" be your lifebuoy, guiding you through the ebb and flows of mental health with grace and resilience

Specs: ISBN - 978-1-922764-98-0. Hardcover. Printed in Premium Colour. 212 Pages. 229mm x 152mm.

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