Annaleise Easlea

Passionate mental health advocate, veteran & author

Over 3 years ago, I left the navy after six years. After struggling both during and after service, I lost my will to live. 2 years ago, I started seeking help and was diagnosed with severe depression. I started anti-depressants, was flagged as a high-risk patient and went sober for the first time. 1 year ago, I left my marriage after 9 months. I needed to figure out who I truly was without being a sailor or a wife.

I've hit the bottom. I've had the suicidal thoughts flood my mind. I've slumped into the couch unable to move as my world lost all colour. I know what it's like when the heaviness takes over and you can't come up for air. I've wanted to leave this world before I ever truly lived in it.

After enduring some of my toughest chapters, I found a reason to live. I realised I could share what I've learned along my mental journey to show others that even when you may feel like it, you are never alone. So I started writing. Now, after a lot of tears, hard work and perseverance, Keep Swimming, was born.

Keep Swimming is the book I needed when I was in the thick of my depression. When you are struggling to keep your head above water, this book will be your lifebuoy. Created as a tool for when life get a little too much, you can turn to it to read real-life stories from ten inspiring humans to help you navigate the waves of mental health. 

It's not going to be easy. It may even be the hardest thing you've ever gone through, but you can make it through. You can keep swimming.

Just remember - it doesn't matter how fast you move. It doesn't even matter what direction you go. All that matters is that you just keep swimming.